The BLOX or blessings box was created as a way to bring solace to a weary soul.  After several years in a row of heart-wrenching events I had lost sight of all the beauty and wonder the world has to offer. Looking beyond the negative allowed me to become aware of the many intangible blessings that regularly crossed my path. Writing these kinds of blessings down began a healing process and I found joy again.  Regardless of your current life situation, capturing your intangible blessings on paper will lift your spirit in unimaginable ways.


I envision the blessings box or BLOX being an experience. It will help you become more aware of all your senses and bring a smile to your face as you look around and see beautiful things in nature like a rainbow that paints the side of a building. you might notice a delicious smell that sparks a happy memory or hear the tinkling of a brook and your soul is soothed. Maybe the taste of a delectable dessert takes you away from all your cares for just a moment or a kind touch reminds you of how much you are loved.

These are the kinds of intangible blessings that make your heart sing. Write them all down, put them in your BLOX. Sing the jingle as you write them down. Share them on the sharing page to uplift others. Take out one or two to read when you are feeling down and notice how your spirit is lifted. At the end of the year, gather with friends and family to read them all and reflect on a year full of intangible blessings

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